Draw Oil

Draw-Oil SYN-HD

Draw-Oil SYN-HD is a 100% synthetic drawing fluid. The product has been formulated for the more severe drawing applications found in industry. However, it can be used very successfully for less severe or light drawing and stamping applications. Draw-Oil SYN-HD contains a unique blend of extreme pressure additives and special purpose additives. In combination with each other, these… [Read More]

Draw-Oil 229A

aw-Oil 229A is the highest viscosity drawing oil in our line of wire-drawing compounds. It is sulphur-free and incorporates a package of highly potent additives to provide effective lubricity and anti-weld properties that impart a brighter finish to the wires emerging from the draw-box. Overall, Draw-Oil 229A enables the wire drawing operation to run cooler. Features: Clear, transparent Improves… [Read More]

Draw-Oil® 70HDS

Draw-Oil 70 HDS was designed as a dual-purpose lubricant. It can be used as such for severe drawing and stamping, and less demanding operations can be handled with water cut-back versions. Draw-Oil 70HDS is a reddish-brown oil comprising a unique package of powerful synergistic additives. The straight oil is recommended for deep-drawing, fine-blanking, cold heading and extruding operations while… [Read More]