Draw-Oil SYN-HD

Draw-Oil SYN-HD is a 100% synthetic drawing fluid. The product has been formulated for the more severe drawing applications found in industry. However, it can be used very successfully for less severe or light drawing and stamping applications.

Draw-Oil SYN-HD contains a unique blend of extreme pressure additives and special purpose additives. In combination with each other, these new chemical technologies combine to produce a product that will improve productivity, extend emulsion and die life and improve worker environment.

The extreme pressure additives create a unique boundary between the work piece and the die to allow for difficult drawing to take place and reduce the wear on the dies.

The special purpose additives function to give superior corrosion protection, eliminate any foaming and control any bacteria growth. This control of bacteria in the fluid is critical and gives a much healthier work environment for the personnel in the plant.

Depending on the type of draw and the material used in the operation, the concentration would vary from 5% to 15% by volume.

Typical Analysis:

Appearance: Red Liquid
Odour: Mild
Specific Gravity @ 15 °C: 1.1
pH 5%: 8.8
5% Emulsion: Light pink, opaque, good foam
Rust Test (ASTM 4627/86): 5% No Rust, No Stain
Refractometer Reading: 5% = RF 4.5 (Factor 1.1)


Draw-Oil SYN-HD is recommended for moderate to heavy duty blanking, piercing,
bending and deep drawing applications for single die, multi stage transfer dies and
progressive die applications for mainly ferrous metals. Depending on application,
severity and metal, concentrations between 5% and 15% are recommended.