Oil & Lubricants

Our lab is designed to formulate oils and lubricants for your specialized tools and applications. Once formulated, our industrial facility will manufacture your specialty blends at any scale required including pails, drums and bulk tankers. In addition, existing customers are assured of a 48 hour turnaround time guarantee when they place a repeat order.

Brand New Oils and Lubricants

Chainsaw Bar Oil

This oil is blended with the necessary additives to provide the essential lubrication for chain saws. It provides high anti-fling properties, allowing the oil to adhere to the chain and minimizing wear of the bar and chain. Chainsaw bar oil is available for all seasons.


Our cleaner products are general purpose heavy duty liquid cleaners for general shop, production and maintenance use. They are manufactured from the highest grade surfactants and solvents available today and are completely biodegradable.

Cutting Oil

  • CHEMKUT® 201A is a cutting oil that has been developed specifically for deep hole drilling and gun drilling.
  • CHEMKUT® 500CFHD is one of the new generation of chlorine-free cutting oils, designed for the machining of tough alloys and for severe operations, such as tapping, threading and broaching.

Draw Oil

Recommended for deep-drawing, stamping, fine blanking, cold heading and extruding operations, our draw oils are available in light, medium and heavy duty grades.

Gear Oil

These oils are compounded from high quality oils and sulphur/phosphorus extreme pressure additives for use in industrial gear sets that are subject to heavy load conditions. Available in viscosity ranges from 68 through 680cSt.

Hydraulic Oil

These are fully formulated premium products, made from Group II base oil and suitable for severe hydraulic service. Available in viscosity ranges from 22 through 220cSt.

Paper Machine Oil

Manufactured from the highest quality additives available for challenging paper machine systems, our paper machine oil also contains anti-rust, anti-foam and extra de-emulsifying agents to help extend oil life and protect metal components in severe duty service where water contamination is a problem.

Reclaimed Oil

Reclaimed oils are produced from like oils. Each individual batch of used oil is cleaned to ISO standards, dried and combined with additives that meet the new oil specification. Reclaimed oil is available for most hydraulic and cutting oils.

Rust Preventive

Our rust preventives are a light oil based product for ferrous metals to be used for short term interior storage of ferrous alloys. Our products will not harm non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Way Oil

Our way oils have excellent stick slip characteristics and are suitable for use in most machine slideway applications. Available in viscosity ranges from 32 through 680cSt.

Metal Working Fluids

Chem-Ecol produces and supplies a complete line of metalworking fluids including synthetic, semisynthetic, and water soluble fluids.

Chemkool® Products

These biostatic, low foam, synthetic and/or semi-synthetic metalworking fluids are appropriate for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are especially effective for aluminum and its alloys.

Chemsol® Products

These are high quality, heavy duty soluble oils, recommended for non-ferrous and aluminum machining operations.

Syn-Draw DF Products

These products are chlorine- and sulphur-free compounds especially developed for the drawing, stamping and hydroforming of parts for the automotive industry. They are designed for use as supplied and when sprayed, will cling to parts without dripping.

MSDS Sheets