Fixed Plant Reclamation

When your heavily contaminated oil requires processing that cannot be performed with our mobile process, we will transport your oil to our plant for reclamation. Using our own fleet of trucks, we will first remove the contaminated oil from your system for transport. Upon arrival at our facility, your oil is segregated to ensure no cross-contamination. Using our exclusive proprietary reclamation process, your oil is cleaned, dried and re-additized for re-use in its original application. Once processed, your oil is certified by an independent lab to ensure it meets your specification. Finally, it is loaded back into a truck for transportation to your facility. Once it has arrived, we will ensure that it is safely added back to your system.
Fixed plant certification process
By using Chem-Ecol, you can achieve the following benefits:
Control Cost: By purifying your oil with Chem-Ecol, you could save up to 40% on your new oil purchase costs. In addition, you will also save close to 100% of your disposal costs.
Improve Quality: Once our purification process is successfully completed, the quality of your oil will be like new, ensuring that it is ready for use in your machinery.
Transport Responsibly: Chem-Ecol is proud of our excellent transportation rating. We are here to help you and minimize your liability. We ensure that your product is transported safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.