Chemsol® Products

Chemsol® 300

Chemsol 300 is a heavy duty soluble oil containing high quality additives which will allow easier machining of tough steels. Most important, however, are the extreme pressure additives which result in improved lubricity and hence the ability to perform difficult machining operations such as tapping, threading, chasing, gun drilling and broaching. Chemsol 300 will offer replace straight oils and… [Read More]

Chemsol® 200

Chemsol 200 is a high quality, heavy duty soluble oil. Chemsol 200 is fortified with special synthetic lubricant additives that impart extra heavy film lubricity to the product. The unique film forming ability of the product will improve tool life and finish of the machined parts. Chemsol 200 is recommended for use with all steels but is… [Read More]