Chemsol® 200

Chemsol 200 is a high quality, heavy duty soluble oil.

Chemsol 200 is fortified with special synthetic lubricant additives that impart extra heavy film lubricity to the product. The unique film forming ability of the product will improve tool life and finish of the machined parts.

Chemsol 200 is recommended for use with all steels but is especially recommended for non-ferrous and aluminum machining operations.

Chemsol 200 contains no chlorine or sulphurized additives and therefore, will not stain copper bearing metals.

Chemsol 200 contains effective rust inhibiting agents for good corrosion protection of the machined parts.

Chemsol 200 is typically used at concentrations between 3% and 10% in tap water.

Typical Analysis

Appearance: Clear, Straw Colored Liquid
Odour: Mild, Oil
pH 5%: 9.3
5% Emulsion: White Opaque, Stable
Specific Gravity @ 15° C: .95