Chemsol® 300

Chemsol 300 is a heavy duty soluble oil containing high quality additives which will allow easier machining of tough steels. Most important, however, are the extreme pressure additives which result in improved lubricity and hence the ability to perform difficult machining operations such as tapping, threading, chasing, gun drilling and broaching.

Chemsol 300 will offer replace straight oils and increase the cutting speed due to its ability to provide improved cooling. The properties of this coolant make it suitable for use on automatic screw machines. It is ideally suited to machining the tough copper and bronze alloys due to its non-staining characteristics.

Chemsol 300 is typically used at concentrations between 3 – 10% depending on the severity of the operation.

Typical Analysis

Appearance: Light Brown, Oily Liquid
Odour: Mild, Oil
Specific Gravity @ 15° C: .97
pH 5%: 9.3
5% Emulsion: White Opaque, Stable