Draw-Oil® 70HDS

Draw-Oil 70 HDS was designed as a dual-purpose lubricant. It can be used as such for severe drawing and stamping, and less demanding operations can be handled with water cut-back versions.

Draw-Oil 70HDS is a reddish-brown oil comprising a unique package of powerful synergistic additives. The straight oil is recommended for deep-drawing, fine-blanking, cold heading and extruding operations while lighter duty jobs can be handled with the diluted oil which forms a coarse milky-white emulsion.


  • clear, stable oil
  • easily applied by drip, spray or brush
  • solvent free – no fumes or fire hazard from vapours
  • readily cleanable from parts
  • prevents stain and corrosion
  • high lubricity
  • dispersible in water in all proportions to form a milky-white emulsion

Typical Data:

Appearance: Clear, Reddish-brown Oil
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt.): 70
S.G. @15°C: 1.041
Chlorine: Present
Sulphur (Active): Present
Solublility: Dispersible in Water