Paper Machine Oil (PMO) 220

Paper Machine Oil 220 is a fully formulated Paper Machine Oil designed for industrial paper machine systems.

Paper Machine Oil 220 is manufactured from the highest quality additives available for challenging paper machine systems. It also contains anti-rust, anti-foam and extra de-emulsifying additives to help extend oil life and protect metal components in severe duty service, where water contamination may be a problem.

Typical Analysis:

ISO Viscosity Grade 220
Viscosity @ 40° C: 220 cSt
Viscosity @ 100° C: 17 cSt
Viscosity Index: 76
Specific Gravity: 0.890
Flash Point COC: 222 °C Min.
Pour Point: -15 °C
Rust Protection ASTM D665: Pass
Colour ASTM D1500: 4 Maximum