Hydraulic Oil ‘R’ Series

Chem-Ecol Ltd. offers a full range of ‘low cost’ anti-wear Hydraulic Oils based on ‘previously used’ hydraulic oils.

The oils used to manufacture these oils have been collected from leaking hydraulic systems and have been kept completely separate from all other ‘waste oils’. They are tested for contamination with other products before we reclaim them, to ensure that only hydraulic oils are included in this process stream. The oils are reclaimed to better than new cleanliness levels and the additive levels are brought to a higher than ‘new’ level with a high grade full additive package. Viscosity adjustment if needed, is by blending
virgin base stocks as needed. Samples of each production batch are sent to an ‘independent’ outside consulting laboratory for full analysis to ensure that there is a full additive package present and that there is no sign of any oil oxidation. These oils carry the same guarantee as our ‘New Oils’ made from virgin base stocks.

These oils contain additives to protect against oxidation, rusting, anti-wear, anti-foam and de-emulsifiers to aid in water separation. They all meet or exceed specifications developed by machine builders such as Cincinnati Milacron, Vickers, Denison and others.

Typical Analysis


ISO Viscosity Grade 32-R 46-R 68-R 100-R
Viscosity at 40 °C 29 – 35 cs 41 – 51 cs 61 – 74 cs 90 – 110 cs
Viscosity Index 95 min 95 min 95 min 95 min
Specific Gravity 0.86 0.87 0.89 0.90
Flash Point COC 380 °F 395 °F 395 °F 400 °F
Pour Point, °F -20 -10 0 0
Rust Protection ASTM D665 Pass Pass Pass Pass
Colour ASTM D1500 6 Max 6 Max 6 Max 6 Max