Hydraulic Oil 100AW

Hydraulic Oil 100AW is a fully formulated premium type Hydraulic Oil suitable for severe duty hydraulic service.

Hydraulic Oil 100AW is manufactured from the highest quality anti-wear additives available for extended oil life and pump durability. It also contains anti-rust, anti-foam and de-emulsifying additives to help extend oil life and protect metal components in severe duty service, where water contamination may be a problem.

Typical Analysis:

ISO Viscosity Grade: 100
Viscosity @ 40° C: 100 cSt
Viscosity Index: 100
API Gravity: 30.0
Specific Gravity: 0.888
Flash Point COC: 207 °C
Pour Point: -15 °C
Rust Protection ASTM D665: Pass
Colour ASTM D1500: 4 Maximum