Cutting Oil 750H

Cutting Oil 750H is a good quality cutting oil base, obtained from recycled oil, blended with the necessary extreme pressure additives to produce good finishes on difficult to machine steels and prolongs tool life in severe cutting situations.

Cutting Oil 750H is especially suited for Acme Gridley, B.S.A. and other similar automatic screw machines. Other applications include pipe threading, tapping and general purpose machining.

Cutting Oil 750H can also be used as a dual purpose lubricating and cutting oil.

Typical Analysis

Colour: Light Brown
Odour: Slightly Oily
Viscosity @ 40°C: 32 cSt.
Viscosity @ 100°F: 150 SUS.
Viscosity Index: 90
Specific Gravity: 0.88
Sulfur & Chlorine Additives
4% min
Acid Number: Normal
Cleanliness: ISO 16/14 or Better
(acceptable for hyd. oil)
Moisture: Less Than 150 ppm