Cutting Oil 1060

Cutting Oil 1060 is a high quality, heavy duty cutting oil manufactured from selected high quality reclaimed base oil stocks and blended with a large amount of extreme pressure additives.

The additives were selected to produce high metal removal rates on either carbon steels or stainless steels and give excellent finishes with long tool life.

Cutting Oil 1060 is especially suited for high production, multi-spindle machines, such as Acme Gridley, B.S.A. and other similar machines. Other applications include pipe threading, tapping and general purpose machining of steels and other hard to machine metals.

Cutting Oil 1060 will stain copper and brass parts. If these metals are machined, they should be thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible.

Typical Analysis

Viscosity @ 40°C: 43 cSt.
Viscosity @ 100°F: 200 SUS.
Viscosity Index: 90
Specific Gravity: 0.88
Colour: Light Brown
Acid Number: Normal
Moisture: Odour: Slight Sulphur, Slightly Oily
Extreme Pressure Additives: >10%