Cold Heading 120 Oil

Cold Heading 120 is a heavy duty, chlorine free cold forming lubricant of ISO 120 viscosity. This product has excellent Extreme Pressure properties and is designed to be used neat by flooding the die / work piece area.

Cold Heading 120 can be used as a machine lubricant as well as a cold heading oil, eliminating the need for more than one oil type in a situation where these oils may contaminate one another.

Cold Heading 120 has been formulated for all ferrous metals and is suitable for high alloy stainless, high carbon steels and will not stain yellow metals.

Typical Data

Appearance: Clear, amber liquid
Specific Gravity @ 15°C: 0.91
Viscosity @ 40°C: 120 cSt.
Odour: Slightly oily
Copper Corrosion Test: No Stain