Cleaner 500

Cleaner 500 was developed to clean off certain heavy-duty cutting fluids and drawing compounds from steel and galvanized parts.

Cleaner 500 does not react with these compounds and thus allows total recovery and subsequent re-use of same. This process can save up to 50% of the lubricant cost.

Cleaner 500 also imparts some in-house rust protection with proper use.

Typical Data

Appearance: Straw coloured liquid
Odour: Mild
Specific Gravity: 1.01
pH Conc.: 9.5
pH 5% Solution: 8.9
Rust Test ASTM 4627/86: 12% No Rust
7% Solution: 1.0 Refractometer Reading


Cleaner 500 is used at 5 – 10% in the first stage of cleaning lines as a spray cleaner between 120 – 180 o F (50 – 80 o C). The temperature can be varied depending on what has to be achieved.

a) 120 o F (50 o C) if oil emulsification is desired or if a bypass coalescer which flash heats the cleaning solution / oil emulsion to 160 – 180 oF (50 – 80 o C) to release the oil for reclaiming, is installed.
b) 160 – 180 o F (50 – 80 o C) if the oil is required to separate from the cleaner for reclaiming.

Reclaiming ideally is achieved with a proper capacity by-pass coalescer. For minimum contamination by Chloride (Cl – ) and Sulfate (SO 4 — ) ions and for maximum tank life and rust protection, it is recommended to use deionized water.