Cleaner 100 & 100LF

Cleaner 100 & 100LF are general purpose heavy duty liquid cleaners for general shop, production and maintenance use.

Cleaner 100 & 100LF are manufactured from the highest grade surfactants and solvents available today. They are completely biodegradable. The surfactants and solvents used are completely synthetic and have been specially selected to work well in both hard and soft waters. Cleaner 100 and 100LF will not develop hard water soap ‘curd’ and rinses freely and completely.

Cleaner 100 & 100LF are an industrial strength cleaner and are compounded to be particularly efficient at cleaning severely soiled and oily surfaces such as machinery.

Cleaner 100 & 100LF are used diluted with hot or cold water for general floor and wall cleaning. For more heavily soiled or oily surfaces, (machinery etc.), a dilution of 1 to 10 parts water is recommended. It may be applied by wiper, spray, brush, mop, etc. and is compatible with all paint and floor coverings in the diluted form.


Application Mixing Directions Comments
Floors, wall, tiles, concrete,
upholstery, all painted and
hard surfaces.
5% (Normal Dirt Load)

10% (Heavy Dirt Load)

Wipe on, wipe off.

Wipe on, allow to soak
for 30 – 60 seconds and
wipe off.

Production Machinery From 10% to
full strength.
Apply and allow to soak
for 10 – 15 min. Wipe or
flush off.
Production Parts From 10% to
full strength.
Dip, spray or wipe on.
Apply warm for quick dry.


5% = 8 oz. (about one cup) per gallon = 50 mls. per litre
10% = 16 ozs. (about two cups) per gallon = 100 mls. per litre
Cleaner 100LF = Cleaner 100 Low Foam Version