Chemkut® 201A

Chemkut 201A is a cutting oil that has been developed specifically for deep hole drilling and gun drilling.

Chemkut 201A is formulated with a high proportion of specially selected extreme pressure additives that give excellent control of chip size, with a wide range of alloys.

Chemkut 201A is a low viscosity oil that is fortified with “wetting” agents, to enable it to penetrate quickly to the tool cutting area for maximum efficiency. Its low viscosity enables the chips to be flushed quickly out of the hole and to settle very fast in the machine sump.

Typical Analysis

Odour: Mild
Viscosity 40 °C: 13 cSt
Specific Gravity at 15 °C: 0.9
Colour: Brown

Due to the active sulfur in this product it should not be used on copper or its alloys.