Chemkut® 1111B

Chemkut 1111B is a high quality, very heavy duty cutting oil, prepared from selected base stocks, blended with a large amount of extreme pressure additives. It produces excellent finishes on difficult to machine steels and prolongs tool life in severe cutting operations.

Chemkut 1111B is suitable for all types of high production automatics and semi- automatics such as Acme Gridley, BSA and other multi-spindles screw machines. Chemkut 1111B can be used for drilling, threading, tapping and general purpose machining.

Chemkut 1111B is compounded with additives that will stain copper and other yellow

Typical Analysis

Appearance: Light Coloured, Oily Liquid
Odour: Mild, Oil
Viscosity 40 °C: 68 cSt
Specific Gravity: 0.93