Chemkut® 1000SF

Chemkut 1000SF is a heavy duty, light colored, dual purpose cutting oil, containing a well balanced additive package, designed to machine carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum and copper alloys.

Chemkut 1000SF is suitable for all types of high production automatics, semi automatic’s, multi spindle machines such as Acme’s, BSA’s, multi-cut lathes and combination turret lathes.

Chemkut 1000SF is suitable for pipe threading, tapping, drilling and other general purpose machining tasks.

Chemkut 1000SF does not stain copper alloys and thus is suitable as headstock lubricant.

Typical Analysis

Appearance: Straw Colored Oil
Odour: Mild
Viscosity 40 °C: 46 cSt
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130: 1a