Chemkool® 2005HD

Chemkool 2005HD is a biostatic, severe duty, low foam, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Chemkool 2005HD has excellent corrosion protection for steel, copper, aluminum and its alloys.

Chemkool 2005HD is formulated with especially selected lubricant additives which are resistant to microbial growth at recommended levels, yet are biodegradable at diluted levels.

Chemkool 2005HD additionally contains very effective anti-microbial additives which not only eliminate bacteria but also fungi and yeast species.

Typical Data

Appearance: Reddish Brown, Clear Liquid
Odour: Mild, Pleasant
Specific Gravity: 1.03
pH 5%: 8.8
5% Emulsion: Reddish, Opaque/Translucent
Rust Test (ASTM 4627/86): 5% No Rust, No Stain
Stain Test on Aluminum: 5% No Stain
Stain Test on Copper: 5% No Stain


Grinding: 50:1 to 30:1
Machining (Tapping, Chasing,
Threading, Drilling, Broaching):
30:1 to 10:1