Chemkool® 2000C

Chemkool 2000C is a low foaming, biostatic, fully synthetic metalworking fluid for machining and grinding of ferrous and some non-ferrous metals (for Copper and Copper Alloys Chemkool 2000-I should be used).

Chemkool 2000C is formulated with multi-functional chemicals selected for their lubricity & biostaticity properties. Each chemical performs as a biostat, which means it is resistant to microbial growth. These products also double as emulsifiers, rust preventatives, dispersants and buffers.

Chemkool 2000C additionally contains a very effective anti-microbial combination to resist fungal and yeast growth.

Chemkool 2000C does not contain Diethanolamine, Nitrites, Phenolics or Heavy Metals.

Typical Data

Appearance: Blue, clear to slightly hazy liquid
Odour: Mild, Aromatic
Specific Gravity @ 15° C: 1.1
pH 5% Solution: 9.3
Rust Test (ASTM 4627/86): 5% No Rust, No Stain